Property management

Facility management is a typical example of a modern service activity. Its objective is to reduce costs and increase quality.

It is one of many areas of company management which are not a daily priority for top management. By thorough implementation and application of an effective property management system, operating costs can be reduced by up to 30 %, and space requirements by up to 40 %

Our services:

  • Representing the owner in the administration of his property (including foreign entities)
  • Providing operation and functioning of companies including suppliers and contractual documentation
  • IT services (provision of networks, access for authorised individuals, remote network access)
  • Audit in SW software licences and monitoring of employees' work with SW
  • VOIP service (Voice over IP) – arranging for teleconferences and videoconferences, interconnecting work groups, cost savings related to calls from abroad in case of VOIP connection.