Human Resources

We take over HR management issues from you. We use tools that efficiently provide improved job performance, employees' skills and knowledge development while maintaining maximum optimisation of personnel costs.

Our services:

  • Planning of workforce and financial resources spent on personnel in accordance with company policy ,using key business processes
  • Defining optimal forms of management, organisation structure and exact requirements for individual jobs.
  • Filling vacancies in accordance with defined requirements for:
  • preparation of job content
  • advertising vacancies
  • conducting interviews
  • Pre-selection of candidates, checking of references, arranging for knowledge, ability and skills testing.
  • Negotiating terms with selected candidates, concluding employment and managerial contracts.
  • Creating adaptation plans for new employees and help in their achievement.
  • Creating remuneration and employee benefit motivation systems.
  • Personnel and wage agenda management.
  • Education and re-skilling of employees.
  • Company culture and in-house communication control.
  • Performance of duties arising from current legislation in the area of occupational health and safety.
  • Consulting in employee training – proposing appropriate training programs and better employee motivation.