EU Funds

EU funds represent the main implementation tool of European economic and social cohesion policy. Through these funds the financial resources intended for reducing economic and social differences between member states and their regions are distributed.

The European Union has available three main funds:

    • Structural funds:
        • European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
        • European Social Fund (ESF)
    • Cohesion Fund (CF)

Operational programmes as official documents approved by the European Commission define problems to be solved by the Czech Republic with resources obtained from the European budget and specify what the Czech Republic intends to achieve in the 2007-2013 period, ensuring that the projects are not chosen at random for financing , but according to whether or not they are helpful in implementing the aims of cohesion policy.

Any entity that wishes to ask for financial support from EU funds has to submit a project to the operational program authority. For thematically defined OP, the departmental ministries are the operational programme authorities, whereas territorially defined OP are governed by regional cohesion councils, i.e. territorial units corresponding to one or more Czech regions, established for the purpose of receiving grants from European funds.

We offer our services in the following areas:

    • Analysis of the options for raising money from EU funds (project possibilities according to the client's specification and assessment of funding possibilities).
    • Project consultancy (the process of preparation and creation of the project itself, preparation of the full Financial Assistance Request including mandatory annexes according to the programme conditions).
    • Management, preparation and production of all documentation
    • Advisory services during implementation of the approved project (processing of interim and final monitoring reports, communication support in interacting with the programme authority.
    • Execution of selection procedure